2018’s Ultimate Music Marketing Checklist

Amber Horsburgh
2 min readApr 18, 2018

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Great marketers are being destroyed by the Spotify loosie game.

It’s an exhausting cycle. Streaming platforms pressure artists consistently release material, artist spits out single after single, pressures marketing team to keep up rather than striving for smart campaign strategy. Excellent tracks are totally thrown away so the cycle starts again.

Our new normal is 2–3 week timelines from hearing a track to release with the same expectation for success as a 6-month album campaign set-up. Days are spent busying the brain with hundreds of critical micro-tasks and decisions until you’re completely fried, creative time then prioritized last. This results in mistakes being made, uninspired work, and the bare marketing basics not even met.

To get time back to focus on creative ideas (+ have the bases covered), I’ve created the ‘Bases Get Aces Checklist’ — a soup-to-nuts checklist for marketing a record.

The Bases Get Aces checklist ensures the bases are covered so when you have a hard-hitting creative idea, you’ve set yourself up for a grand slam.

How to use the ‘Bases Get Aces’ Music Marketing checklist:

4 tabs detail departmental focus areas for 3 months prior, 1 month prior, release week and release day. Each tab has the essential tasks and best in class examples to get the creative wheels churning from campaigns big and small — Radiohead, Solange, Post Malone, BROCKHAMPTON, Childish Gambino, Sevdaliza and more, along with helpful tools to get the task done.

Lastly, a self-scoring system where each department rates their performance for each task allowing the core strengths and deficiencies to show allowing you to correct for next time to get stronger and stronger through each campaign.

The Bases Get Aces checklist allows marketers to get ahead of releases, carve out time for great ideas and cross-discipline collaboration, and build on the learnings of prior campaigns and team capabilities making the team more intelligent every campaign. When the bases are covered, that’s when everyone wins.

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