Deep Cuts Diagnosis pinpoints the right social channel for your music project. When you answer the 12 questions you’re given a recommendation of the best social channel for your audience and your goals, as well as marketing tips you can action today to snowball your socials. The whole process takes less than 3 mins. Take the test here.

A guide for independent artists on where to start branding their music project

Best practices for optimizing Spotify for branding & communications

  1. Tips for optimizing your own Spotify page for improvements in branding, comms…

The good, the bad, and ugly of music livestreaming

23 KPIs for record marketing

Optimizing your release in 2020 might set you up for a few of these next year

How creative direction transforms and prolongs music careers

…and how to do it for a fraction of the cost.

  1. “We’ve got the money, we just don’t know where to spend it. What actually matters?”
  2. “We have high hopes for this…

Developing a ‘More Pls’ YouTube content strategy for artists

Taylor Swift’s ME! music video

Not a 50 Cent reference.

Amber Horsburgh

Music marketing consultant. Downtown Records & Big Spaceship alumni. Writes about music, strategy and feels at Deep Cuts

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