A-Z of Artist Brand Building

A = Applied Science

The new wave of scientific rigor in marketing that brings structured thinking and rules for promoting albums/singles/tours and building fanbases.

B = Big Ideas

C = Campaign Rollout

D = Distinctive Assets

E = Ecosystem

F = Fan Archetypes

G = Goal Setting

A roadmap for success over time. Goals should be SMART — specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, timely.

H = Hero, Hub, Help Content

I = Insights

Human behavior that can be leveraged to drive an action (sale, stream, follow, share, view)

J = Just In Time Research

K = KPIs

L = Leverage

M = Mood Entry Points

N = Naming

Smart naming of track titles, albums, and campaigns to leverage SEO in streaming services and search engines. Good names are short, memorable and descriptive.

O = Owned Media

P = Product Line

The range of assets under an artist’s business including music (EP, LP, singles), collaborations, merch, live, playlists/radio stations, lyrics, artwork.

Q = Quality Assurance

Standards that enforce excellence. QA ensures everything that goes out points in the same direction. A QA system is achieved by assigning a brand guardian and relevant reporting structure across press, marketing, A&R, production, and legal so nothing goes public under the bar of excellence.

R = Relationships

Connections with gatekeepers and fans that can push an artist forward. Important relationships must be struck with other artists, playlist curators, writers, creatives, distributors, radio programmers.

S = Social Causes

T = Tone of Voice

U = Unique Selling Proposition

The factor(s) presented by the artist as why their product is different and better than that of a competitor.

V = Value Statement

W = Workshop

Structured brainstorming sessions that lead to creative ideas. Usually performed with the artist, label, management and agents.

X = X Over

Y = Young vs. Mature Lifecycle

The point of an artist’s career as determined by brand awareness and profitability. Campaigns for albums/tours/special initiatives vary greatly depending on the lifecycle stage.

Z = Zag



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Amber Horsburgh

Amber Horsburgh

Music marketing consultant. Downtown Records & Big Spaceship alumni. Writes about music, strategy and feels at Deep Cuts http://bit.ly/2yphFYx