RIP Facebook: How musicians can thrive in 2018

Marketers are freaking out about Zuckerberg’s update. So how can you maintain a successful Facebook strategy after the algorithm is destroyed?

1. Prioritize comments over shares

For years, shares made content go viral and therefore “share” was the most important success metric. Now, it’s comments.

2. Rejig the media spend. Skill up in paid social

When Facebook first started they were hell-bent on getting people to spend more time on site. More time on site meant more available ad inventory to sell ads to brands and publishers. This earned them 6 million advertisers who spent $23.2 billion between Q1 — Q3 2017 alone.

3. Treat official music videos and Facebook videos separately

Oddly enough, Facebook is still pushing Live. They claim live videos get 6x as many interactions as regular videos. In Zuckerberg’s post he says

4. Create a loyalty club to distribute information

Content by family and friends will be prioritized over public pages by up to 5x so fans become powerful bearers of content distribution. Now’s time to build a street team to spread information on behalf of the artist.

5. Encourage followers to change preferences

One very direct way to get around the algorithmic demotion is to have people update preferences to see a public page’s content. This can be done in a simple CTA on Facebook, just be wary of “engagement baiting”, i.e.: offering a coupon in exchange for a preference update — Facebook is slapping those folks on the wrist too.

Music marketing consultant. Downtown Records & Big Spaceship alumni. Writes about music, strategy and feels at Deep Cuts